Unwrapping the Clootie Wall
Lisa Zukowski, assisted by Nancy Natale, unwraps Lisa's 33 feet x 8 feet Clootie Wall
The Clootie Wall stretched out before installation
Susan Lasch Krevitt beginning installation of the Clootie Wall
Nancy Natale working on the installation
A window in Gallery X framed by the Clootie Wall
The first view inside Gallery X
Wall piece is "Beached" by Jennie Frederick
In the bookcase are two pieces by Miles Conrad, "The Survivor" and "Voices"
"Evidence of Harm" by Miles Conrad
Looking right from the entry: on the pedestals are sculptures by Jeff Hirst, on the wall are two pieces by Nancy Natale
"Pearl" 2014 by Jeff Hirst
On the Wall: "Jane's Texting Gown" and "Anne's Lacy Partlett" by Nancy Natale, on the pedestal "Lowell" by Jeff Hirst
Susan Lasch Krevitt with her sculpture "Witness"
In the bookcase "Evidence of Harm" by Miles Conrad
On the left "Catherine's Black Kirtle" by Nancy Natale with an installation of "Lamentations" by Lisa Zukowski
Inside the room on left of entry: two wall works by Jennie Frederick and one by Susan Lasch Krevitt
"Small Black & White Construction #2 and #1" by Jennie Frederick
"Safe Keeping" by Susan Lasch Krevitt
"Bound 13" by Susan Lasch Krevitt
"Looking Ahead" by Susan Lasch Krevitt
Clooties made by viewers
Gallery X with Clootie Wall installed
A catalog of the exhibition curated by Susan Lasch Krevitt and Nancy Natale
This catalog is available for viewing online and purchase from MagCloud: http://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/754918