Color, geometry, and juxtaposition are my three guiding considerations in making paintings. Dividing up the field into large or small sections, jostling the grid, and setting one thing against another are options that give me a method of seeing and making. Geometry organizes my love of materials and process into coherent forms. My Running Stitch series, for example, may be understood as referencing memory, or at least the way we think about memory as a series of events, observations and experiences framed by time. This series celebrates the horizontal lines of fences, roads, tiles, maps and marks.

In other series, found and unconventional materials such as rubber from inner tubes and leather from discarded handbags bring to the works their connection to former uses and add dimension, both literal and figurative. Treated metal adds shimmer and variety as well as a patina of wear or age. Destruction of the original objects and transformation into the new works of art allude to my history of process and increase the mix of color, pattern, and texture.