I begin with color and proceed from there with the interaction of texture, dimension and visual rhythm within a grid-based structure that I design.

Geometry, and juxtaposition have been my guiding considerations in making paintings for some time. Recently I've started to loosen up those concerns to find more pleasure in experiencing what materials will do and how I can spontaneously react to them. I have learned to deviate from the geometric approach when a work seems to need more expressive content. 

Unconventional and under-utilized materials such as repurposed rubber, leather, tarpaper and cardboard are now joined by painted slices of canvas that I treat as an addition to the mix rather than a support for it.  The combination of rich materials adds dimension and texture to my paintings while shimmer and variety from a patina of wear and age make repurposed copper and aluminum gleam.  Destruction and transformation into new works of art is my method and my goal.

                                                                                                                             July 2022